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Best practice - Implementation of OA Framework Technology


This post is to discuss about the Best Practices that was followed in implementing a new Self Service Applications using OA Framework.

A College needed a web based enrollment system for its students to enroll online without needing to fill up a paper. This was designed for a new i-module for Student Enrolment was developed in OA Framework, using jDeveloper,Rapid Application Development Environment. The benefits of the RAD environment and OA Framework Technology was well utilized to meet the deadlines.

The main challenges faced by the project were , I identification of a roadmap to transform existing system and there was no proper oracle documentation on how to develop a transaction page in OA Framework.

Oracle RMAN Reporting


For any company the most important asset is data and the most challenging job is to recovery the database with less downtime with out any data loss, in the event of database failure. In many situations users end up with incomplete recovery of the database with out knowing which data files backed and which data files need to backup. You should ensure that your database is backed up efficiently and should restore successfully when needed. The RMAN reporting provides effective and easy way to determine database backup for a successful recovery.

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