Selenium Webdriver Online Training with Java Tutorial


Selenium WebDriver is a website robot framework that allows you to implement your assessments against various windows, not just Opera.

Selenium WebDriver also allows you to make use of a coding language in developing your examination texts (difficult in Selenium IDE).

It's simple to employ conditional operations like if-then-else or change-event
You can also accomplish looping like do-while.
Following development languages are recognized by Selenium WebDriver:

  • Java
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby


Data types - Selenium WebDriver Tutorials For Simple Java

For placing some standard Java courses that are definitely required in selenium webdriver video Tutorial application assessment procedure I've received many demands from my blog viewers. Thus now I have planned to publish some simple Java guide threads which are definitely needed within your software testing method in execution and selenium webdriver online Training understanding. These courses can help you for selenium Training meeting preparation also. Permit we start In Java which we could use within our selenium webdriver Training application test case preparation from datatypes that are various.

In Java or any other programming languages, datatypes represents what'll function as the measurement of this price or how much storage is going to be designated and what kind of ideals might be stored. You can find nearest eight different data types in Java like , Boolean that is byte, short, int, long, drift, dual, char. Byte and limited datatypes are far more useless in selenium Training Tutorials therefore I am skipping them here to diminish your confusions.

Int datatype

Int data type is useful to shop 32 bit integer (Case: 4523) values only. We can't store decimal (Example 452.23) prices in int data type.
int i = 4523;

Long datatype

Extended datatype is advantageous to keep 64-bit integers(Case: 652345) prices. It can be used by you whenever your value may not store it in int and is more greater. Identical to int datatype, we can not shop decimal (Example 452.23) prices in extended datatype
long l = 652345;

Double datatype

Double datatype is advantageous to store 64-bit decimal(Instance: 56.2354) values. We can store integer (Example 12456) prices too.
double d1 = 56.2354;
double d2 = 12456;

Char datatype

Char datatype is useful to shop single character(Case: 'd'). It can't store multiple (Illustration 'dd') figure in-it.
char c = 'd';

Boolean Datatype

Boolean datatype is advantageous to store only boolean(Instance: true) values.
boolean b = true;

String type

it can be a course that is helpful to shop string in variable although string is not a knowledge form.
String str = "Hello World";


Created bellow given instance for several these datatypes. Function it in your eclipse and verify benefits.

public class datatypes { 

 public static void main(String[] args) { 
  int i = 4523; //Can store 32 bit integer values only. 
  long l = 652345; //Can store 64 bit integer values only. 
  double d1 = 56.2354; //Can store 64 bit decimal values. 
  double d2 = 12456; //We can use it for integer values too. 
  char c = 'd'; //Can store single character only. 
  boolean t = true; //Can store only boolean values like true or false. 
  String str = "Hello World"; //Can store any string values. 

  System.out.println("Integer Var Is --> "+i); 
  System.out.println("Long Var Is --> "+l); 
  System.out.println("double Var d1 Is --> "+d1); 
  System.out.println("double Var d2 Is --> "+d2); 
  System.out.println("char Var c Is --> "+c); 
  System.out.println("boolean Var b Is --> "+t); 
  System.out.println("boolean Var str Is --> "+str); 

Bellow given result will display in your console at the end of execution.

Integer Var Is --> 4523 
Long Var Is --> 652345 
double Var d1 Is --> 56.2354 
double Var d2 Is --> 12456.0 
char Var c Is --> d 
boolean Var b Is --> true 
String Var str Is --> Hello World