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Oracle Audit Vault is a security product that gathers auditing information from remote databases and store them in a single centralized warehouse database. Audit Vault can help customers to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulations; do proactive monitoring; and help them to mitigate security risks.

Please note that Audit Vault and Database Vault are two completely separate products. Database Vault control the access to your information while Audit Vault let you build a data warehouse to run reports.


Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle Audit Vault Release 10.2.3 on 5 September 2008.


Oracle Audit Vault requires two types of licenses:

  • one license for the Audit Vault server; and
  • one or more licenses for each of the Audit Vault agents.

Data Vault Server[edit]

The Data Vault server is a centralized Oracle database that stores all the audit data from the agents. Data Vault used database partitioning for performance and Oracle Advanced Security for securing communications.

Data Vault Agents[edit]

Audit Vault gatherer agents are available for:

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