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Informix is a relational database management system provided by IBM Corporation that competes with the Oracle Database.


Informix was founded in 1980 by Roger Sippl and Laura King under the name "Relational Database Systems Inc".

In 1994, Informix Software overtook Sybase to become Oracle's most important rival. However, Oracle won the war in 1997 when Informix's revenues fell short of expectations by $100 million.

IBM acquired the Informix technology in April 2001 from Informix Software.

In early 2005, IBM released version 10 of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS). The newest release is IDS 12 (v12.10, codenamed "Centaurus") which has been generally available since March 31, 2013.


IBM continues to support and enhance both DB2 and Informix, with both databases sharing technology with each other. However, it is now clear that DB2 will never replace Informix.

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