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Scott McNealy from SUN presenting at the 2005 Oracle OpenWorld conference.
SUN's founders: Scott McNealy, Andreas Bechtolsheim, Bill Joy and Vinod Khosla

SUN Microsystems is a company that develops SPARC-based computer systems, the Solaris operating system, and Java development language.

Most of Oracle's products can run on the Solaris operating system.


SUN was founded February 1982 by Andreas von Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy and Scott McNealy.

SUN agreed to acquire MySQL AB for $1 billion in cash and assumed stock options on 16 January 2008.

On 20 April 2009, SUN and Oracle Corporation announced that they entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will buy SUN for $9.50 a share in cash.

Software product[edit]

Besides SUN's hardware and software offerigs, it owns major software brands like Solaris, MySQL, Java, OpenOffice, etc.

Also see[edit]

  • Solaris - SUN's operating system
  • Java - SUN owned development framework
  • MySQL - open source database owned by SUN

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