Subledger Accounting

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Subledger Accounting is part of Oracle Financials, which is part of Oracle's E-Business Suite.

Commonly asked questions[edit]

We don't have an Subledger Accounting FAQ. Here are some commonly asked questions that can be used to develop such an FAQ. If you can help, please EDIT this page and add your wisdom.

  • What are the important tables for accounting
  • How the SLA events get generated
 Through the SLA API's in the subledgers' code
  • What are the steps to transfer the data to GL from the subledgers
 Submit Create Accounting / Transfer Journal Entries to GL.
 1. Create Accounting
 2. Tranfer to GL (includes Journal Import)
 3. Post to GL
  • Which process push the data into which tables
 Create Accounting - Subledger tables and xla_events  -> xla_ae_headers, xla_ae_lines and xla_distribution_links
 Transfer to GL    - xla_ae_headers and xla_ae_lines  -> gl_je_headers and gl_je_lines
 Post to GL        - gl_je_headers and gl_je_lines    -> gl_balances
 Subledger Accounting Balances Update
                   - xla_ae_headers and xla_ae_lines  -> xla_control_balances
  • What data will be there in xla_control_balances
 Balances related to Third Party Control Accounts
  • Drilldown
 R12 - GL / XLA - How to link GL data to the subledger data or vice versa
  • Some Useful Notes
 Replacement reports of 11i AX in R12 SLA 416099.1
 FAQ for SLA Upgrade 604893.1
 SLA Obsolete Profiles 553229.1
 FAQ - FSAH 729545.1
 XLA Setup Diagnostics Test 942252.1
 XLA Accounting Attributes Mapping 942650.1
 How To Derive Accounts Using Account Derivation Rules? 797115.1
 Custom Applications 833986.1
 Create Accounting Performance Issues 791049.1
 GL Transfer Datafixes 883557.1
 How to Troubleshoot XML Performance Issues? 983063.1
 FND Debug Log 787727.1
 SQL Trace 787724.1 (Please change the tracefile_identifier every time)
  • Some Useful GDFs
 Miultiple Entities GDF 9651687
 In SLA Not In GL GDF 9481239