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Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) is a GUI tool and server infrastructure used for creating and managing Oracle data warehouses and data marts. It support the ETL (extract, transform and load) process, relational and dimensional modelling, data quality functions, data auditing and the full life cycle management of data and metadata.

History and licensing[edit]

Warehouse Builder was first releases in January 2000.

In the past (through 10.1) OWB was licensed as part of the Oracle Developer Suite. Now the basic ETL features are licensed with the Oracle Database, and several optional feature groups require separate license. Most notably, the "Enterprise ETL" features (basically, most things added in 10.2 and later) are licensed as part of Oracle Data Integrator, Enterprise Edition. Licensing is on a per-CPU basis on any server where mappings will execute. Application adapters and a data quality option are also licensed separately. No per-developer license is required.


The OWB GUI is written in Java. Current version is OWB 10g and 11g. Versions are provided for

OWB consists of two main components:

  • the design environment, which is concerned with working with meta data (abstract representations of warehouse objects, together with business rules),
  • and the runtime environment, which takes this meta data and turns it into physical database objects and process flows.

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